Who we are

Well, let’s start with the name, we’re the European Association of Recovery Specialists, the first amalgamation of this type, serving this group of professionals, outside of North America. 

We launched in November 2017, with 7 founders from across Europe representing, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and we have gained members from France since then as well. 

We are a body in Europe that wants to raise the standard in the field of addiction or SUD. We are all individual practitioners who work intensely in our own businesses and EARS permits us to extend a strong presence across other European countries and strengthen our own brands and those of all other members of EARS. 

We are Interventionists, Recovery Coaches, Sober Companions and Sober Transporters and other Recovery Specialists. To qualify to be a member you must have attended an accredited training and been certified, worked in the field and maintained your ethical reputation, not engage in patient brokering (selling patients for a fee), not engage in double dipping (receiving payment from the client and treatment centre for the same case). 

EARS is a non-profit organization and if you are in this field working with others then please get involved and consider joining us! Please come and get involved!