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Jose Luis Martinez
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Jose Luis, following his own personal journey into recovery, dedicates himself
to helping suffering families and clients with passion and commitment.
A graduate of New Hampshire College he holds two bachelor’s degrees
(Business Administration and Marketing) and also a Master in Commercial
Management and Marketing by ESIC (Madrid).

Zachary Schoenhut (he/him)
Zachary Schoenhut (he/him)Promoted

Zachary Schoenhut is a certified International Recovery Specialist providing goal-oriented coaching and support, making it possible for clients to achieve and maintain a solid foundation in recovery. Zachary’s personal experience as a recovering alcoholic and addict began at the age of 21 and his interest in helping others who struggle has lead him to pursue multiple positions within the recovery field for the last 9 years. Whilst in New York, he worked as an on-site support staff in transitional sober living environments and as well provided one-on-one coaching and companion services with individual clients. 

Ashley Craig (he/him)
Ashley Craig (he/him)Promoted

Ashley is a highly skilled and internationally trained professional in the field of recovery coaching,
intervention, and case management. With a strong focus on helping individuals and families
overcome addiction, Ashley brings extensive experience to his practice.

Theo de Vries (he/him)
Theo de Vries (he/him)Promoted

Theo is a compassionate and dedicated Certified Recovery Specialist with multiple years of experience in the addiction and recovery field and has over a decade of personal recovery from substance use disorder. Specialized in providing individualized support as an Recovery Coach, Sober Companion, Counselor, Interventionist, Case Manager and Sober Transporter, helping clients and their families navigate their road to recovery. Skilled in developing and implementing tailored recovery wellness plans, focusing on holistic and patient-centered approaches.
Besides support for individual clients, i'm available for residential and outpatient treatment centers and sober living facilities as an 24/7 live-in Recovery Assistant (Recovery Manager, Live-In Counselor).

Reb JL Brochet
Reb JL BrochetPromoted

I am an addiction recovery coach and sober /transport companion, which means I don't treat, I don't give advice. I help people through non-intrusive questioning and through example, to realize the situation they are in, to set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals and to implement them and stay on the road to recovery.

Ian A. Young
Ian A. YoungPromoted

“Helping people attain & maintain addiction recovery through professional services”